EAN Barcodes

What are EAN Barcodes?

EAN-13 Barcodes (or International Article Numbers) are 13 digit barcodes that are used on all products (except for books and magazines) in the vast majority of countries internationally. The only countries where UPC barcodes are more common are the USA and Canada.

Where to get EAN Barcodes?

There are a couple of options for getting EAN-13 barcodes in the UK:

You could go to barcode licensing organisation and pay a joining fee and annual membership fees – however this can become expensive.

The other option is to purchase through a reputable barcode reseller. There are a wide variety of barcode resellers with varying degrees of credibility. The International Barcodes Network sells barcodes directly in about 20 countries and has sold barcodes for over 10 years to people in over 100 countries. They sell barcodes for a very reasonable one-off cost. There are a couple of options in the UK including Buy Barcodes UK and Barcode1 UK (both are members of the International Barcodes Network).

How to use EAN Barcodes?

The process for applying an EAN-13 barcode to your product involves purchasing (ideally through a member of the International Barcodes Network), once a purchase is made you will receive your barcode number with the images as attached files via email to be incorporated into your product packaging. When a retailer receives your product for the first time, they will scan the barcode into their system and link it with the product details. From this point onwards, every time the barcode is scanned, the product information will automatically appear.

What else should you know?

You could consider registering your barcode, barcodes sold through the International Barcodes Network include this. This helps to increase the internet profile of your product, decreases the chances that someone will use it illegally and helps your product information to appear if your barcode is scanned with a cellphone app scanner.

You should checkout this barcode acceptance page here if you are looking at selling your product internationally.

Where to Buy Barcodes in the UK

Buy Barcodes UK – buybarcodes.co.uk

Barcode1 UK – barcode1.co.uk

Where to Buy Barcodes Internationally

Below are some other members of the International Barcodes Network:

Germany – barcodedeutschland.de
Thailand – barcodesthailand.com
India – indiabarcodes.com
France – codesabarres.fr
Austria – barcodeoesterreich.at
Czech – barcodes.cz
Philippines – barcodes.ph
Ghana – barcodesghana.com
Luxembourg – codesabarres.lu
Zambia – barcodeszambia.com
Malaysia – barcodesmalaysia.com
Belgium – codesabarres.be
Switzerland – barcodeschweiz.ch
Uganda – barcodesuganda.com
Sudan – sudanbarcodes.com
Yemen – yemenbarcodes.com

Worldwide – internationalbarcodes.com

To see a full list of the members visit the International Barcodes Network website.